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Bodø offers fantastic and diverse terrain for ski touring. Sjunkhatten National Park, The Beiarn valley, or the Costal Meløy-Alps— the possibilities are endless.

Skiguide Nordland

Bodø Fjellføring takes you on wild and beautiful ski tours in the Northern Norwegian mountains. An area that invites you to fantastic views and world-class skiing. By hiring a ski guide, you'll embark on a tour specifically tailored to your desires, adapting to prevailing weather and conditions. The Bodø area offers a multitude of skiing opportunities that few are aware of. Here, you can ski from the sea to 1000-meter peaks, explore the endless possibilities of Beiardalen, or ski around Svartisen glacier in Meløy. Ask, and we'll help tailor your dream trip.

What can you expect?

By booking a guided ski tour with Bodø Fjellføring, you'll have a guide associated with Nortind (The Norwegian mounatin guide assosiation). This ensures that your guide possesses the necessary qualifications. Based on where we're located, together with the guide, you'll seek out the safest and finest snow available on the days you're together. Your safety is our top priority, and we focus on seeking the safe rather than avoiding the unsafe.

Contact us for tips. 

Price starts from: 5000 NOK per day.

Any travel and accommodation costs are additional.


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