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Mountain trekking

Join us for a mountain trek around Bodø. Looking for a easy beach walk, scenic mountain trek or longer adventures, let us help plan your next trip. 

Mountain hikes in the summertime around Bodø offer magnificent nature experiences. There are countless beautiful trails of all difficulty levels within a short drive from the city. Our locall guide will take you on a tour tailored to your preferences and the prevailing weather conditions.

Suggested Hikes around Bodø

Keiservarden 366 masl

Keiservarden is easiest to reach from Rønvikfjellet (139m above sea level) and follows simple terrain along sherpa steps. This is a short hike suitable for most hikers and is popular among locals. The view is breathtaking, even for seasoned hikers, and if you're lucky, you might see the Lofoten Wall, Blåmannsisen, and the northern part of the Helgeland coast.

Hovdsundet beach

A fantastic hike through varied terrain of about 8 km round trip takes you to the viewpoint over Hovdsundet. From here, you can also make your way down to the beach by climbing down some steeper sections. 

Midnight Sun

If you're visiting Northern Norway in the summer, you must experience a mountain hike in the midnight sun. We'll take you to the best viewpoints depending on your skill level. An experience you won't soon forget.

Mjeldetind Traverse

This is a longer mountain hike of about 9 km and 1100 meters in elevation gain, traversing the five most prominent peaks of Mjeldetinden. Starting with Litltinden (717 masl) and finishing with Mjeldetinden (71, this hike offers at times exposed terrain. It's suitable for those with some mountain experience who desire an exciting hike with many peaks. 

Longer Mountain Hikes

We offer natureguiding on longer mountain hikes such as Lurfjelltinden , Rago national park, and crossings of Saltfjellet national park. We tailor tours for you and your friends or for corporate groups.

When: May-October

Where: Bodø, Salten, and Nordland

Price: Upon request

How: E-mail us at or call at +47 452 15 505

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